Frequently Asked Questions

Overseas Pakistanis (holding a valid NICOP, CNIC, POC) can apply for the Online POA.

No, the applicant will upload the scanned copy of the Power of Attorney and after completion of a successful application, the system will generate a receipt that will be printed and physically dispatched (by the applicant) along with the Original Power of Attorney.

It is mandatory that all applicants must provide their valid email address. The primary reason for this is that final consent email will be individually sent to each applicants and they must all individually provide consent to execute PoA.

Please see the guide: How to apply?

Yes, the primary purpose of POA is to facilitate overseas Pakistanis that are unable to travel to the nearest Pakistani Mission Abroad.

In case of no Pakistani Mission Abroad in your country of residence (for e.g. Estonia), the nearest Pakistani Mission Abroad will deal with your application.

The payment of Fee is integrated within the application – Applicant can pay via a Master Card or Visa card.

Foreigners must physically visit the Consulate/Pakistani Mission Abroad, after having their documents attested from their country’s State Department/Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

No, biometric verification failure does not mean the application is rejected. The Applicant will be given 2 additional attempts to submit their paper-based biometrics.

If the biometrics fail after these two attempts, the applicant will be required to physically visit the concerned Pakistani Mission Abroad and the same Online POA Application will be continued.

2x witnesses of Pakistani nationality are required to utilize the Online PoA system.

Yes. In case the applicant is invited via e-mail for an Online Interview by the concerned Pakistani Mission Abroad, they MUST attend it to ensure the desired application outcome. This is required to satisfy the MOFA Official(s) in order for them to notarize the POA.

No, after the video interview the Consular Officer generates an Email to the Executor(s) to provide ‘Final Consent’ to execute the PoA. All Applicant(s) must provide consent within 15 days of receiving this email to successfully execute the PoA. Please see ‘How to Apply?’ to carefully understand all the steps of the application process.

No, the Online POA fee submitted is completely independent of the application outcome. Acceptance/Rejection of the Online POA application is at the discretion of MOFA Officials at the concerned Pakistani Mission Abroad.

The online fee is paid for the purpose of processing of the application and does NOT guarantee acceptance of the application.

In case there is any query, the applicant can reach out to the support team of the Online POA via submitting the query at – The support team will reply as soon as possible.

There are multiple helpful articles on this website to assist you in applying for Power of Attorney.

Yes, all applicant(s) must provide consent within 15 days of receiving the email. Failure to do so will result in application being rejected and the fee is non-refundable.

Yes, a Power of Attorney (POA) that is not signed by the executor will result in the POA application being rejected. Please ensure that you sign the Original Power of Attorney (POA), then scan and upload it as part of the application. ​You will not be eligible for a fee refund because the application will have undergone processing.