How to Apply

Steps to Apply Online for Power of Attorney

Step 1: Account Creation

Applicant to create an account using a valid email address.
Authenticate the email address using One-Time Password (OTP) sent on email.

Step 2: Apply for the Online Power of Attorney (PoA)

Apply for the Online PoA by submitting the following details:
Details of Applicant, two Witnesses and Attorney (Picture, CNIC details, etc.)
Upload Original Power of Attorney (Duly Signed by the Executor and with thumb impressions) in a scanned form. Unsigned copies will not be accepted and application will be rejected by the Consulate.
Upload other supporting documents, for example, any affidavits required
(scanned copy).

Scanned Copy of Original Power of Attorney with signature and thumb impressions of executants(s) and witnesses, as well as photo of executant affixed on it

Step 3: Biometrics

Download the following fingerprint forms for Biometric Verification
1x Biometric Verification Form for Applicant(s).
2x Biometric Verification Form for your Witnesses.

Note: In case of more than one applicant, each applicant needs to complete their respective Biometric Verification Form. These forms are partially pre-filled with details of Applicant and Witnesses

Each form needs to be filled by the respective individuals to whom the form belongs.
Applicant and Witnesses will provide their fingerprints in the required boxes.
Applicant and Witnesses need to read all declarations before signing the form.
Scan & Upload the completed form into the POA system.

Step 4: Fee Payment

You will receive the status of Biometric verification.
Upon successful verification, you will be required to make the Online Fee payment against your application, using Credit or Debit card only.
Once the payment is complete, successfully verified and paid applications will proceed to the Online Video Interview.

In case of biometric failure, you will be provided 4 chances of re-uploading the new Biometric Verification forms. If the biometrics do not verify after these 4 attempts, you are required to physically visit the nearest Pakistani Mission Abroad. In this case, the witnesses also need to accompany you to the Pakistan Mission/Consulate in person.

Any foreigner (person not holding NICOP/POC/CNIC/Pakistani Passport) executing legal instrument/document also needs to visit the Pakistan Mission/Consulate in person.

Step 5: Video Interview

Upon successful verification, you will be provided the time and date along with a link for the online Video Interview.
The Consular Officer will schedule and conduct the online Video Interview with you (the Applicant) to determine the final decision on the case.
At the time and date, the Applicant along with the Witnesses must attend the Online Interview to answer any queries of the concerned officer.
The concerned Consular Official of the Pakistani Missions Abroad will take the final decision on the case.

Step 6: Final Consent

Upon successful approval of the Consular Officer, the system will alert via email to acquire Applicant(s) Final Consent against the application.
The applicant(s) must provide this final consent within 15 days of receiving this email. Failure to do so will result in application being rejected.
Upon consent, the system shall inform you to print the receipt details of your successful application including case ID, Applicant(s), witness and Attorney details, details of official approving case officer etc.
Print the downloaded receipt and physically dispatch this receipt along with the Power of Attorney document to the Attorney.
The Attorney upon receiving the receipt and POA in Pakistan, can then proceed to visit the MoFA Office.